I had the pleasure of working on a presentation all weekend. Here it is being presented live! Gives me so much pride ❤



So it’s been a crazy couple of months! First and foremost, I started to get in touch with my spiritual side, I felt like I was so thirsty for something more that what I was living for (whoa just quoted my fav song). I found a home for that at VOUS church. Wishing they were always open so I could worship God, but learning to do so on my own time! I subscribed to their Spotify playlist and try my best to join all their activities. So happy for the things I’ve been able to experience through them. Special shoutout for letting me learn about myself through the word of God and through God and the relationship I’ve built with him!  Love you forever Lord for bringing me happiness trials tubulancenes and making me better smarter stronger BOLDER through it all.

Crazy hair day 

What an experience, Miami is such a wonderful magical city. I forget sometimes how much I take it for granted. It’s a place people aspire to move, to make their dreams come true! Happiness is what Miami looks like to so many, and it reminds me how important it is to have gratitude to have grown up in such a city, with movers and shakers, with a diverse culture and a melting pot of life, love and more!

My crazy hair day brought together a set of amazing professionals for a day of learning. The look below was based on a look that was seen at the Micheal Costello Fashion show, last week at NYFW. I had 4 amazing hair gurus use me as a model for their class. I enjoyed it through the pulling and tugging! Had such a blast, and will definitely be back again!

Oribe and Wynwood Models! You guys ROCK 🙂