This morning I had trouble praying, maybe it’s because I’m half asleep, maybe it’s because I’m hurting and it’s hard to be anything but that. However like happiness, being grateful is a state of mind. I aspire and usually am very good about waking up and being grateful about everything in my life. I wanted to write and remind myself how lucky I am to have the things I do, the opportunities I do, and to be the women I am. I have a lot to look forward to, and a lot of hard work to put in, I go back to being grateful for that.


  1. My relationship with God
  2. My life experiences which have forced me to grow.
  3. My Family, my mom and her unconditional love.
  4. My extended Family, my friends and support system.
  5. The love that surrounds me even at work, the way I’m always protected by God and those angels around me.
  6. My ability to be more beautiful than I am, and help myself to achieve my full potential physically
  7. My ability to learn and expand my mind, to grow more knowledgeable of things worth learning.
  8. Life, we take it for granted sometimes, it’s hard to wake up in the mornings but we have to be so happy to be in this moment ALIVE.

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