a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated by someone who is praying or meditating

: a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs

Find your Mantra –

It’s hard to sometimes find yourself, you have to experience certain things to grow. Recently I read about affirmations and mantras. I wish I had known about them sooner. What a wonderful thing, to consistently remind yourself of your values, beliefs, worth and beauty all through a phrase you can call your own. Trust me it is not easy to always get to a place where you find out about Mantras. Unless you’re taught or born into it, unless you seek high and low for it something that makes you feel whole. This should make you feel whole. We all have different views, beliefs, ways of doing things, but we’re all worth something, we all have good in our hearts even if we choose to reject it. We’re all born the same regardless of our circumstances. We all have the same chance to grow and change and be the person we decide to be. It’s applying that strength and perseverance, it’s doing it smartly, wholeheartedly. Nothing worth having comes easy – MANTRA

“Some periods of our growth are so confusing that we don’t even recognize that growth is happening…Those long periods when something inside ourselves seems to be waiting, holding its breath, unsure about what the next step should be, eventually become the periods we wait for, for it is in those periods that we realize that we are being prepared for the next phase of our life and that, in all probability, a new level of the personality is about to be revealed.” – Alice Walker (via Miss Lucy)


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