Prioritize Yourself

Ive always been raised to be a very independent person, let alone women. However I can bow my head in the fact I can be dependent of somethings. Thus why I did some of my own soul searching, and found that because of my passionate nature I tend to REALLY involve myself in whatever I have going on in my life. I am also very much a people person, thus why I care for people no matter who they are. At a young age I was taught we are all equal despite our circumstances, our incomes, our houses, our cars, our physical beauty, our past, present, and future. Going back to the point that I am a people person, I tend to see the good in everything and everyone. I stay positive that people can change and that things always happen for a reason. This is what I think of others, I have a big heart and seem to always wear it right where everyone can see it.

Now when it comes to me, I grew up thinking being selfish is bad and it is important to always be grateful not only for what we have but for others might not be as lucky. Unfortunely however this created a conflict I never realized until perhaps after a big event in my life, not to long ago.

That is that I am not selfish, like at all…. and everything in excess isn’t good for you. Therefore My new mission is to be selfish, and I feel totally guilty about it. So I’ve decided to rename it to “prioritize yourself”

Not to say I haven’t, Ive as said before always been independent and done everything for myself. Yet this is a different kind of selfish, I guess we can call it a emotional kind of selfish. So here goes from the research I’ve done, in case you find yourself in the same predicament.

Do things that make you feel good.

Whatever it is, and if you don’t know, then do some soul searching. Personally I like to be happy, spend time with friends, help other people, be part of a community, feel productive. I think these are all things that help you grow, feel fulfilled and in turn that brings happiness.

Just me and my notes,



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