Thinking more and more about breakups it really dawns on me how true all the cliches are… funny enough they make you feel better all while for the most part being true.

You go through motions you need to be mentally strong enough to overcome. You find yourself in a realization of why it didn’t work and what was done wrong. Of course theres those relationships where you’re blindsided by who you ended up dating, sadly usually that happens during the younger years. The boyfriend who never thought he’d get caught, or the one who was just really comfortable, and even worse the one that thought the next goal in life was to have a girlfriend… this of course applies just as much to girls as guys.

Regardless after an episode, thats what I feel like they are just an episode maybe two depending how much it takes to analyze realize and move forward. I feel the best episode however is the right after, the one (that regardless of how bad the situation) should make you realize how important you are to YOU, that’s universal. Everyone should come across that epiphany. Remember your self worth and remember that as long as your emotionally healthy and happy, you’ll be able to create that stability with someone else worth sharing. I strongly believe there is someone out there, perfect for everyone. Someone with your same interests and your same humor and your same values and morals, that are ready to find that one person to share them with.

If you’re feeling blue. Always remember to keep your head up high. Remember your accomplishments, remember to always work towards something new, that will make you happy and proud. Find yourself in fulfilling situations, and take care of yourself! Emotionally, physically, mentally.

Here to help,

Nathy 😉


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