Something everyone should practice

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1. Get in tune with your heart.

Recognize and acknowledge the internal chatter going on in your head and the feelings manifesting themselves in your body. Listen with openness and without judgment. If it matters to you, it matters. You have a tremendous amount of intuition; listen to your gut.

2. Establish your values and morals.

Being intently aware of who you are and what you stand for lays the groundwork for authenticity. When you have gained internal knowledge of your truest self, you are able to live your life accordingly.

3. Learn when to use your voice.

We can learn a lot from our bodies. Often, when something is going against our values or morals we experience intense physical sensations. Notice when you are becoming uncomfortable; you may notice your hands clenching, your throat tightening, or your heart beating faster.

4. Actually USE your voice and take action.

When you have recognized discomfort in your body, dig deeper. What is bothering you? What are you not okay with? Where are boundaries being crossed? In a calm and respectful way, voice your opinion and ask for what you need. If you are unable to speak up, or fear that doing so would cause unnecessary tension, excuse yourself and walk away. Take a time out from the situation and return when you are back at baseline calm.

5. Walk away from any relationship that no longer serves you.

Sometimes there are people in our lives that continuously get under our skin and violate our boundaries. If you have tried reasoning with this person and asking for change, you’ve done your part. How other people respond and react is on them, not you. Identify those with whom your personalities, morals, and values clash – and walk away. You cannot change other human being, but you can choose who you decide to spend your time with.


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