Picking your poison, part 2?

So Earlier in my blog I explained about picking your poison, and how everyone has something worth fighting. True statements. I also summarized how relationships are such a big part of my life.


Lately Ive felt like a transitional period is upon me, (I sound like an astrology board ) so within this Ive had somewhat of an epiphany, or realization. THE MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP is the one you have with yourself. You never stop growing, you think sometimes you reach a certain milestone, but I hope you can always realize how to push through and make that (whatever that milestone is) make you better, stronger, faster? haha I feel like a kanye song. However it couldn’t be more true. Ive got to admit, I’m a people pleaser, somehow seeing people happy fulfills me and putting things together and seeing them realized and come to life is truly rewarding, guess thats why I work in marketing! So when picking your poison always make sure you make yourself and your relationship with YOU a priority, and move forward from there with the people that matter! and choose wisely πŸ™‚

So go on with your bad self and buy the shoesssssss!

– Nats


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